Barn and Country Catering and Mobile BBQ

IT’S ALL ABOUT FAMILY  The Barn and Country Catering and BBQ rental is a genuine family-run bu…

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Barn and Country Catering and Mobile BBQ


The Barn and Country Catering and BBQ rental is a genuine family-run business.

The business has been family-owned since it was created by a couple from Stirling 25 years ago. They ran it for 12 years, and it was later bought by a family down the road, who ran it for over a decade. Three years ago the Foley family bought it and created Barn and County.

Being a family oriented business is the root of this company, it’s essential for the Foley family to make sure their service reflects that. Jillian says being a family business and being able to participate in other family’s special occasions means a lot to them. 

Barn and Country are quickly expanding and has five full-time staff and 14 part-time employees. 

“We have people on the team as young as high-school students and up to people in their sixties, who want to do something through their retirement. I think we’ve got a great team.”

Working with family has been exciting but crazy, says Jillian. Her parents are the owners with five out of 14 kids working with them, and Jillian’s fiancé Mark Nusko is the chef. Younger children might also join the business once they grow up, says Jillian.

The family built a large commercial kitchen next to their home in Stirling and bases their business from there but also have an office in Picton.



One of the signature traits of the B&C barbecue is that they make everything on their menu from scratch. Chef Mark Nusko created the menu himself and makes it available all year round. 

There are different options for clients to choose from, depending on what kind of event they are hosting, the number guests attending, and what their preferences are. It could be anything from BBQ prime ribs to a full pig roast. 

All of their meat is sourced from a local distributor in Belleville. Jillian says they make everything fresh for the events. Depending on the size of the order preparation could take up to 5 days.


They provide catering services for weddings, business events, backyard BBQ and more.

With their business growing, the team can service up to 5 venues daily. Jillian says it’s hard work, but it’s worth it.

“We’ve been expanding quite quickly, and now we’re able to service up to 5 clients on a day, so we’re going all over the place. We’re able to go to Peterborough or Kingston, Toronto or to the County.” 

According to their website, during 2017 they fed over 20,000 guests and already have bookings into 2019 and 2020. The company plans to grow in the services they provide and the territory they serve. 

“We are focusing on continuing to expand and serve really good food. We’d like more people to know who we are, and just kind of throwing our name in the area.”



Being involved in a family business wasn’t something Jillian thought she would do. After graduating from college, she had a nine-to-five job but didn’t enjoy working in the corporate world.

“I was getting really bored just like doing the same thing every day. So when the family took this on I found out that I love this. I love the growing part of the business and working with people and having diversity every day.”

Since then she has been managing Barn and County BBQ catering, and she says she had to learn a lot at first, but it was a gratifying process. 

However, it’s essential to take one day at a time and not overwork yourself. 

“You’ve got to take it one day at a time. Don’t feel like you need to do everything all at once like I try to do. You have to learn how to pace yourself. I have definitely learned how to have trust in my team members as well.”

She says it’s vital for her to remember why she is doing what she is doing and enjoy the process.

“I know this is cheesy, but just try to have fun while you’re doing it and don’t get too wrapped up in it.  If you lose the joy of why you started, you’re not going to keep the momentum to continue to grow the business. So having fun while you’re working is truly important.”

Barn and Country Catering – https://www.barnandcountry.ca