Mommy Mops – Belleville business is to here to clean up the stigma around a messy home

  Stephanie Rayton is a proud mom of three who still remembers the feeling she had when she …

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Mommy Mops – Belleville business is to here to clean up the stigma around a messy home


Stephanie Rayton is a proud mom of three who still remembers the feeling she had when she put down her two-week resignation notice. That was the start of Mommy Mops – Stephanie’s cleaning company with “shame-free services and no-judgement consultations.”

The idea came to Stephanie after realizing how stressed some families are about their homes.

“We live in this ‘profile picture world’ where we look at other people and think ‘Wow, they really have it together’ and we start to feel embarrassed or ashamed by our own home and our hope is that people can let go of that feeling and let us come in and help.”

Mommy Mops comes into busy households with a single purpose – reduce stress around cleaning. Stephanie noticed that many families tend to clean before the cleaning company comes in. So their idea is to bring ‘no judgment’ services.

“Everyone is struggling a little bit, so we want to reduce the feeling of having to hide that and know that we’ve got it. We have a lot of empathy. At my house, it’s a mess all the time, so I try and comfort people by telling them that. It stresses me out when my house is not in good condition, and so I know that there are a lot of families that must be feeling the same way. Our team really understands, we have no judgment, we just want people to open up and let help in.”

A clean subscription


Mommy Mops launched in May 2018 and now has a team of nine and is looking to expand. Stephanie says she is proud to be a local employer and give an opportunity to the employees to work around their own schedule.

“My professional goals would be to be able to offer more opportunities to people. I really love the fact that we can allow our team to set their own schedule and put their families first. They upload their availability to us, and then we match jobs to them. So we are really hoping to continue to grow our team and be able to offer more people these kinds of services.”

Now they are working on a monthly membership program that will allow them to work with clients in a more personal matter.

“So far we have been cleaning per hour and we have some clients that are flat rate, but what we are about to launch now is a monthly subscription service. So you pay a flat rate once a month, it comes right out of your account on the specific date that we set. Depending on the package you select, you get a certain amount of hours per month, so we come in and instead of cleaning your house from top to bottom we come in and help with your to-do list. So if we come in and your kitchen needs a lot of attention – we start there, and then we work our way down the list of priorities that the client sets.”

Stephanie hopes the new subscription-based program will allow not only clients to get exactly the services they need but also allow her team to grow.

“We are hoping to get a number of subscribers in and start building some leadership opportunities within Mommy Mops where we can have team leaders and people who are running different locations. We hope to keep growing and keep helping employ people who need control of their own schedule.”

Independence at work was something she worked on since Mommy Mops started. “The fact that is, you can create your own opportunities, so you never have to feel limited by somebody setting your salary or how much money you are going to make per year. You can just come up with ideas, new products and services to sell and increase your income or try out a new concept and see if it’s going to work.”

Balance in Everything

Now with Mommy Mops celebrating its first year in May, Stephanie says it’s essential for her to try and find the balance between work and personal life. She always was a yes person and now, she says, it’s time to slow down and enjoy the fruits of her work.

“Personally, I would like to continue to try and get some more work-life balance and definitely try to manage the business in a way that I could shut off at some point of the day. That’s the goal. I am learning now that self-care is super important so trying to find a way to make that happen and just develop some  seamless processes so we can make sure that things are running smoothly, but we start to feel a little bit more calm.”

New Opportunities

One of the coolest things about being an owner of your own business is a chance to work with organizations and people you’d never have an opportunity to work with otherwise. Stephanie talked about her start-up and business model on multiple occasions in front of different crowds, and it was awesome!

However, no speech or crowd in the world will compare to seeing her girls being proud of her and the company.

“They are excited to tell other people that we have our own business and keeping them in the loop. I can take a business call on Bluetooth in my minivan, and they know to sit quietly, and when I get off the phone, they are like “did you get the sale?” They are a part of it, and they are so invested in that as well. So that’s been a huge accomplishment.”

Even though it’s a hard job, being self-employed is the way to be for Stephanie. She says she would never go back to her secure salary and benefits job.

“There are a lot of responsibilities and information that comes along with managing your own business. It would be great if there was one phone number you could call and someone tells you everything you have to know and do. It’s definitely trial and error and making sure that you are setting the tone properly to employees and doing everything correctly and definitely finding that balance.”

Stephanie says she didn’t expect the Bay of Quinte to be so supportive of her as a new local employer. She didn’t have an essential personal network when she moved to the area or started Mommy Mops, but people at QuinteVation, Small Business Centre and Trenval were accommodating not only with professional challenges but also with personal struggles.   

It was here in Bay of Quinte that she met her new business partner, Dionna Baker at a local Hello Boss Girl networking event. Dionne is another newbie to our community and owner of Shop Boss Secrets. She brings years of experience in Communications and Marketing. Mommy Mops is growing by creating a social movement around empowerment and self- acceptance. We are working toward removing employment barriers while also creating ways for our clients to experience the ease and convenience that comes along with technology advances for payment, scheduling, and service offerings.


Go for it!

If you dream of starting your own business, Stephanie’s advice is to jump into it with both feet forward.

“I think we try to come up with a plan and we try to think everything out before we make the jump. Sometimes you’ve got to put two feet forward, and it’s kind of sink or swim mentality. So, if you jump into it – you’ll figure it out, and find a way.”

Mommy Mops – https://mommymops.com