OneLook Productions – Real Estate Reimagined

The story of One Look Productions is something you’d see in a movie.  Picture an opening shot:…

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OneLook Productions – Real Estate Reimagined

The story of One Look Productions is something you’d see in a movie. 

Picture an opening shot: two friends catching up, talking about life and BOOM! They realize both of them coincidentally came up with a very similar business plan for a start-up company back in college.

If it were a movie, at this point, we would get a montage with upbeat music of our main characters Darryl Griffioen and Ryan Snyder working day and night, typing on their computers and drinking tons of energy drinks. Finally, they are done! Music is gently fading away. End of montage.

However, because this is real life, things were a little different. 

Darryl ended up going to university out West. Meanwhile, Ryan worked at a production company in Picton. In 2017 they ended up in the same area when Darryl came back from school. 

At that point they took their chance and decided they should just blindly go for it. This is how OneLook Productions came to life.

Darryl Griffioen and Ryan Snyder built a production company that works on marketing for real estate agents and corporate organizations. Their specialties are creating 3D home tours with professional video and photo packages, including filming with drones! The corporate package includes any type of marketing product your company might need: social media posts or promotional videos, tutorials, vlogs and explainers. They also offer advanced tours for getting your business noticed on Google. This includes interactive and fully immersive tours that allow your customers to experience your space as if they were there.

“There are so many opportunities as a production company. We are very focused on the real-estate, but we also want to branch out into different corporate services that we can offer with our 3D technology of scanning hotels or venues or office spaces, restaurants. There are just so many options. For now, we’ll be looking into different locations for expansion market. We’re looking into an expansion to South Lakes. So we are looking to hire someone there as an area manager.”



“I left my full-time job in September of last year, and my business partner left his full-time contract job in December, so we have been working on this full time since January 2019.”

Before the company got incorporated in March 2018, they worked on it part-time. Griffioen says after they started gaining success – he realized how big a deal it was. 

“When we started paying ourselves it really made things real. All of a sudden, we needed to cover all overhead costs. It was a bit surreal. It was a great feeling to work for ourselves and not for someone else and be in control of the direction that we wanted to take the company.”

They saw a lot of opportunity in the area when deciding where to grow their company. 

“A rural area was something we were looking for. We are both from a rural area originally. We didn’t want to live in a city, and we felt that the Quinte region would be a great opportunity for us to start and grow a company.”

Recently they moved to a new space at 206 Main St W Unit 2K in Picton. The building just got renovated and now many new and aspiring companies are moving into the space. That provides opportunities for new collaborations and meetings.

“The building is really bringing the culture where you can collaborate with people. I think the county has a lot of that aspiration. Some people might say, ‘What are you doing talking to your competitor?’ but I believe there is a room for everyone here.”

Griffioen and Snyder are very excited to get working on new projects. With warm weather coming – they’ll get plenty of work to do.

Griffioen says every day is different in the industry and working in the County give them a chance to engage with the history of the area through the properties they work on.

“We’ve done so many fun houses, just so much cool architecture in the county. We’ve done a lot of old homes that are a century old, and it’s very cool to see the history in the County especially because there is a lot of it.”

It’s hard to have a favourite listing, Griffioen says, but some projects stick with them more than others. 

“I don’t have a favourite listing, but one of my favourite corporative videos that we did, was a Kids Hockey Tournament in Lindsay. It was one of the fundraising events in support of kids mental health. It was just amusing to be there and create content about it. It was a beautiful day, kids were enjoying themselves. We launched the video a few weeks ago, and it was fun to work on.”


Griffioen says communication is a big part of the business. They have to make sure to talk to the agents back and forth to ensure everyone is working towards the same vision. 

“Communication is a big part of it. We have an online platform clients use when booking an appointment. We have an intake form that gives us more information about the listing to make sure that we are absolutely in clue with what we are doing. This way they can also say what they want and don’t want to be shown in the content.”

“One piece of work that we do on the listing might do well for one agent, and another agent might not like it at all. We just really need to make sure we are communicating about expectations both ways. So we can make sure we are presenting the listing in the best way possible and that the agent is happy with the style as well. Every agent has their own style as well, so it’s important that we are tailoring it to the agent’s likes and dislikes.”

Griffioen and Snyder say talking to the owners, listening to their suggestions about the house is an essential part of the process.

“We are going to different houses, meeting different people. Our clients trust us with their clients in a sense too.”

“When we go to their homes, we really need to be respectful of their space and their memories of that house. We take the time to talk to homeowners about what they think is the best image of the house, what they want to focus on.”

“We try to tell a bit of a story with every house in our content. It’s a very emotional transaction a lot of the time. We want our content to respect that, and I think so far we’ve done a good job doing that.”

The dynamic inside the company is why they are a great team to work with, Griffioen says.

“We value partnerships, relationships over transactions, so we are a business but are really focused on building relationships with our clients. I’ll go out for coffee, and we’ll talk about anything but business. 

“If they are doing well, then we are doing well and when we are doing well – they are doing well. It’s ‘everyone wins’ type of message. That’s something that makes us stand apart.”

For more information visit OneLook Productions